Black Talk Radio News – Justice or Else & Anti-Mosque rallies compete on same weekend

10-9-2015 3-49-16 PM
Today we will have open forum and listeners can share whatever stories they believe need more attention or whatever observations they have made during the week.

In the news…

While an unknown number of Black people are traveling to Washington DC to participate in the Justice or Else rally over the weekend, other groups made up of mainly suspected white racists, reportedly will be holding armed rallies at mosques across the USA. This is why I was a proponent of localized Justice or Else rallies to connect local people but of course I don’t suspect anyone cares what I think.

After US Attorney Loretta Lynch made her illogical comments about not forcing police to keep stats on the number of people they are killing, she doubles down at a meeting of the top cops from across the USA by agreeing with sentiments that suggests upticks in crime are not the result of upticks in poverty but because police have stopped their aggressive policing tactics. This is not supported by any evidence as the body count of those killed by police continue unabated and the courthouses are still full of people being prosecuted for crimes and so-called crimes.

Wilmington, Deleware residents seem to be getting restless in terms of police violence and in an under-reported story, four days after Wilmington police executed wheelchair bound Jeremy “Bam” McDole, another police-involved shooting resulted in 300-400 residents confronting cops in the streets.

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