Black Talk Radio News – Violent resistance to white supremacy escalating in Palentistine

10-14-2015 2-07-57 PMIn the news,

NBA player found not guilty of trumped of chrages by NYPD officers, mainstream corporate media of course did not cover this “celebrity” trial.

The New Abolitionist Movement without much fanfare or media attention is quietly making an impact behind the scenes as not only is there a major political candidate for president pushing the abolition of private prisons but now comes a story of an investment website warning investors to stay away from investing in the the world’s largest private prison company. Tonight is the Presidential debate for the Democrats, lets see if the questions put to candidate will include private prisons and mass incarceration aka modern slavery.

The Palenstinians are in the midst of a violent uprising against white supremacy and apartheid Israel. This could lead to another massacre of Palenstinians. Why do I care? Because I am for justice no matter who it is for and I am against white supremacy as a global system no matter you is waging war against it.

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