Justice Radio Station ‘Liberating Ladies’ “Acquiring Knowledge of Self Growth and Development!” 8pm est. Thursday 10/15/15


Time: Thursdays 8pm Eastern. Phone (712)775-7035 code 879949# Star 6,1 with Your ON AIR Constructive Interactions, Philosophies, Opinions, Suggestions.   

To  shed light on the path to stop stumbling and falling,  Ladies, Children, Everyone, give your SELF a Mental Physical. Understand WHERE YOU ARE in light of History, Politics and Miseducation of us ALL, in all areas of people activity in society including economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex, war. STAY READY, TO Live the knowledge and understanding about Self Growth and Development. Understand the Socialization Process! REMEMBER! THE CLASSIFICATION TOOL  R_A_C_E  IS “A POLITICAL STRATEGY, A HOAX, – IS –THE ISSUE-”

VISIT www.yourbookstoreforjustice.info


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