Demands on UC Berkeley to rename buildings named after white supremacist slavers

Joseph & John LeConte were racist white supremacists from South Carolina.
Joseph & John LeConte were racist white supremacists from South Carolina who were also both professors at  professors at the University of California, Berkeley.


Victims of generational racism in the USA are often asked by the defenders of the myth of white supremacy to get over the past. However, when the white supremacists that litter the history books are given the honor of having monuments in their image and buildings named after them despite being such dispicable people, one would think the answer is obvious as to why people can not let go of the racist past. The past isn’t so distant when racism is still playing a prominent role in the daily life of non-white people today.

Calls continue to go out to the decision makers at the University of California to stop practicing visual terrorism and promoting white supremacy on its campus which has buildings named after two former faculty members who were admitted racists. Joseph & John LeConte were racist white supremacists from South Carolina and never denounced their racist beliefs nor did their families pay a single penny in reparations to their victims. The men were from a family that profited from the enslavement and human trafficking of Africans thus elevating them to a priveledge status. Niether man supported Reconstrution in the South and lamented the political power of Black people in the South. Five years after the conclusion of the civil war, the brothers moved their families to Berkeley in 1869.

The fact that racist white supremacists continue to be honored across the USA in all sectors shows how far the nation has not come in solving its problem with racism.

An editorial states,

“The UC Berkeley administration has not met the demands of the Black Student Union and the Afrikan Black Coalition to rename certain campus buildings: Barrows, named after a colonizer, and LeConte, named after the slave owners.”

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