Justice Radio Station ‘Reclaiming Self Awareness!’ Your Self is what is Conscious as You. It is what answers for “I” within You, and not the Physical Body or Desires. The Self is the Source of All Selfless Thoughts and Love as Giving Seeking Nothing in Return! NIGHTLY! 9:00 PM Eastern Conscious *Movie Night Fridays Conscious *Music Night Saturdays

Meta Physical Aug 23 20015

Time:  NIGHTLY! 9:00 P.M. EST.  Phone (605)562-3140 code 918135# star 6, 1  ON AIR To Give Your Constructive Interactions, Philosophies, Opinions, Suggestions.

NEW YOU! NEW YEAR, NEW TIME! NEW BEGINNING NOW! After 150 Years Refinement Of The Slave Machine in USA INC. OPEN_AIR PRISON 2015 (WorldWide)” 

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