Why you should break code and support the Tarantino film “Hateful Eight”

Hateful Pat Lynch among those calling for boycott of the Hateful Eight film by director Quentin Tarantino.
Hateful Pat Lynch of the PBA among those calling for police boycott of the “Hateful Eight” film by director Quentin Tarantino.

By Scotty Reid

It is very rare that I ever recommend films for people to watch and I do not ever tell people to go to the movies and spend money at theaters but I’m going to make an exception in proposing that people who believe in practicing justice by working to eliminate injustice consider going to see Quentin Tarantino’s next film called the Hateful Eight.

Why am I breaking code by making this recommendation?

Because the hateful Police Unions, the Border Patrol and a whole host of suspected racists and white supremacists are calling for a boycott of his film based on his truthful comments about terrorist police and white supremacy. Never mind the fact the FBI itself has reported that white supremacists have been infiltrating the police department for years which is deceptive because policing in this country has always been primarily based on practicing racism against free and enslaved African descendant people. Often the local police were also members of the Klan. Not only did the first police recruits come out of the slave patrols but they were the enforcers of the racist laws during the Jim Crow period known as Black Codes and they are still engaged in racially based profiling which is more accurately described as race-based modern slave catching.

But let us make one thing clear. Mr. Tarantino did not say he was anti-police, he said he was against police officers murdering people and he named specific cases, most of which where police were filmed murdering an unarmed victim. Another thing is made clearer if it was not clear before, police believe they are above the laws that they are tasked with enforcing and police unions despite what the evidence says in any individual case, their default position is to always give their support to police who are in fact murderers or violent thugs whether they are indicted or convicted or not. And why shouldn’t they when they’ve been allowed to operate above the law since their inception.

A lot of Black people have asked why don’t more white people speak out against racism. I suspect the same reason that many black people don’t speak out against racism. Racism is deeply ingrained in every level of American society and whether you are working in a menial labor position or a profession like the film industry, if you speak out against racism you may find yourself unemployed or find that people will no longer support your work. This is done  in order to send a message to other would-be racism whistleblowers sounding the alarm about an aspect of white supremacy.

It is considered especially egregious when a privileged white person with elevated status breaks the code of silence which Mr.Tarantino recently did when he linked white supremacy to police brutality at a rally attended by family members of victims of police violence. Attempts were made by media personalities and even those close to him like film producer Harvey Weinstein, to force Mr. Tarantino to retract his statements on police murdering people but he has not backed down. The refined white supremacists even went to Tarantino’s deadbeat dad whom he has never met to bring more heat on him to force him to apologize for speaking the truth about police terrorism in this country.

Recently we launched the website ProxyRacism.com to highlight the incorrect behavior of non-white people in lending assistance in the maintenance of racism and white supremacy in this society. On the website we will be giving a monthly “Butter Biscuit Award” to symbolize the rewards non-white people reap from racists for enabling racism. In the same vein, should we not reward white people who are targeted for the correct behavior of saying something when they see something that is harming non-white people? Is it not logical to encourage more of that behavior among high profile and ordinary white people?

So yes, I am breaking my code of never spending resources on entertainment and recommending that people who care about truth and justice go and see the film the “Hateful Eight” which is set for release on December 25, 2015. Don’t let the haters who defend murderers at every turn succeed in hurting Tarantino at the box office especially if you are in the camp that believes only white people can end the system of racism/white supremacy.

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