Justice Radio Station* “Imagine Going On A Journey With No Destination In Mind! T-G-R-O-W” ‘Goal Guide’ Think Big!

Many have goals and a goal setting guide. This guide will help prepare us in light of history, politics and mis-education of us all as we acquire knowledge of self in all areas of people activity (including economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex, war). Why Are We Not FREE After 150 Years in “Our Democracy?” Until the Philosophy that holds a group of people Superior/Inferior is discredited and abandoned we will have what we have, USA INC. OPEN-Air Prison. A System of Justice( where the individual will guarantee that no one is mistreated and guarantee that who needs the most constructive help receives it) will be a better system than what we have! Who Am I? Am I Really Who I Am? Am I All I Ought To Be? How Do I Perceive Myself? See My SELF? Divine Being OR Sinner? THINK ABOUT IT! Keep Networking with

Justice Radio Station  yourbookstoreforjustice.info

Peace,Love Family


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