Black Talk Radio News – Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder uses racial showcasing to claim “We Are Not Racist”

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The University of Missouri’s governing board on Thursday appointed recently-retired senior administrator Michael Middleton from its flagship campus to be the university system’s interim president. In a press conference after his appointment, Mr. Middleton said,

“This problem is centuries old, and this problem is going to take years to solve — if it can be solved,” Middleton said of racism and discrimination. ” … I think we’re at an opportune moment to take some giant steps forward to move this issue far beyond where it has been moved in the past, and I’m committed to doing that.”

This statement prompted Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder to go on Fox News and proclaim that “We Are Not Racist”. He used the classic tactic of “racial showcasing” to make his point. However, New Abolitionists Radio’s Max Parthas did the research that shows Missouri is still practicing race-based modern slavery through its prison system not to mention the DOJ Ferguson Report issued in its investigation of Ferguson, MO.

In other news, Hillary Clinton is said to have a huge lead over her rival Sen. Bernie Sanders in South Carolina polling. It is widely believed that Black voters have followed the lead of showcased Black politicians who are endorsing her candidacy despite her poor record relating to the Black community and having not made a single concession or playing political games on the issues that negatively impact predominately Black communities across the nation. For an example, while Sanders has called for an end to the federal prohibition on cannabis and even introduced legislation to do so in Congress, Clinton falls short by saying she supports “easing restrictions”.

Yesterday I disscussed Black organizations accepting money from white people and that it should not be a issue unless the funding comes with stipulations that would cause them to comprimise their principles or change their tactics. Today I learned that wealthy liberals are discussing fund raising for Black Lives Matter. We will revisit this issue today and discuss the history of white liberals hijacking Black led justice movements as Malcolm X discussed in his famous speech “Message To The Grassroots“.

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