WYMS Radio – F*ckboys posing as leaders in our midst

11-17-2015 8-34-26 PM

The revolution of the mind continues…

if we are to progress as a people we gotta get rid of the f*ckboys posing as leaders in our midst.

these dudes hide in plain sight spouting Black Power rhetoric, but won’t mentor a kid, attend a Community resource meeting or give a dollar. They are the first to call women “hoes” and cry about the ever elusive “Queen”but spend more time in Thot inboxes than they spend time with their kids. they sit and talk shyt on Facebook all day, dreaming of having a Harem but can’t even take responsibility for the woman they do have.

They complain about paying child support, but yet will not take responsibility for the family they created. They quick to hit a woman, but won’t do shyt when the gang recruits their son – or when the police run around raping all the women in the community. They allow women to do all the hard work of standing up for the lives of all Black people, but want to take all the credit when the news vans show up….

And even worse, they are the loudest negroes in the room talking shyt when a REAL Conscious Man imparts wisdom or takes the lead.

You know who they are… Time to put a case on them. Enough is enough.


12-4-2013 3-05-12 PM
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