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11-23-2015 2-43-18 PM
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Months after Trump publicly stated that if Black Lives Matter people attempt to disrupt one of his speeches that someone will fight them. Trump made the comment after BLM activist staged a similar disruption at a venue where Senator Bernie Sanders was speaking. Over the weekend a Black man sporting a Black Lives Matter tee shirt at a Trump event was attacked by Trump supporters after the man would not stop chanting Black Lives Matter.

Shortly before the Black man was attacked by Trump supporters in Alabama, Trump hired a Black woman and Tea Party activist Katrina Pierson of Dallas, Texas as his national spokesperson for his campaign. It appears she has not issued any kind of statement about the assault on the Black Lives Matter supporter. Trump himself called the man a trouble maker and did not denounce the violence as yet more Trump supporters show they are nothing more than a mob of racist thugs.

Black men in Chicago are calling for calm in the city of ahead of the release of video showing Chicago Cop Jason Van Dyke shooting 17 yr-old Laquan McDonald 16 times in the back.

A group of Detroit activists shut down a convenience store after a clerk pointed what turned out to be a toy gun at two Black children.

A Black woman’s video in which she states that “racism” is not a feeling has gone viral. Lets take a listen to what she had to say.

A Israeli police officer caught on video beating a Palestinian-American teen received a slap on the wrist soliciting a rebuke from the Obama administration and little else.

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