BTR News – Why Boycotting Black Friday Isn’t Enough

11-27-2015 3-23-17 PM

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11-27-2015 2-09-07 PMToday our lead story pertains to the calls for Black Friday boycotts and how they fall way short of what is needed to address the most serious issue facing not only Black people but all people in the USA.

A story we reported on two days ago is now attracting national attention from corporate media. On 11/25 we reported that a suspected domestic terrorist published the names and addresses of Muslims and those whom he called “Muslim Sympathizers”. This was done after David Wright III and his terrorist cohorts staged a hate rally outside a Mosque in Irving, Texas where several armed members of the hate group stalked unsuspecting Muslims on the street.

Black Truth Forever posted a video collage of reports about the terrorist attack on Black Lives Matter protests at a police precinct in Minneapolis. The various reports raises serious concerns about the lack of commitment of the FBI to stop white terrorist in this country and that includes the police who they said have been infiltrated by white supremacist types.

We Are Change issued a report about new laws in France censoring Independent media and how their news channel is blocked in that country. Could this happen in the USA?

In perhaps the worst case of proxy racism seen to date, it is being reported that the woman that gave birth to Laquan McDonlad who was a ward of the state, took hush money to keep quiet about the police murder of the young man. This is in contrast to the mother of Darrien Hunt who refused hush money from the city of Saratoga Springs, Utah. The Color of Change is calling for Cook County State Prosecutor Anita Alvarez to resign. Resigning isn’t enough for this criminal with a long history of aiding and abetting police terrorism.

If you want truth and facts vs lies and fiction, support independent media.

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