BTR News – Gun Control: Democrats attempt to further erode due process rights

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In the wake of the latest “mass shooting” Democrats attempted to pass legislation to further erode the due process rights of those subject to the jurisdiction of USA INC but were blocked by Republicans in Congress.

In an email sent by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Democrats called for those on a secret “terrorist watchlist” from being able to legally buy guns. They further stated that “keeping guns out of the hands of suspected terrorists is a darn good place to start.”

The problem is, suspecting someone is not good enough to obtain a conviction in a court of law and therefore, its subverts the judicial process to punish people by taking away their rights when they have committed no crime legally punishable. This is not a surprising move from people who condone the murder of people “suspected” of “terrorism” by the CEO of America who reportedly has a kill list and believes they can kill US citizens without charge.

In related news, over 140 members of Congress called on the Obama administration to use the power of the executive branch to close gun sale loopholes. Why hasn’t President Obama done anything other than to pontificate on the issue?

A letter from the US Senate states, “It is unthinkable that our country can continue to turn a blind eye to these tragedies,” the Senate letter says. “We ask you, concurrently, to investigate and pursue all available options under your executive authority to reduce gun violence.”

Rep. Mike Thompson, Chair of the House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force who along with 114 other members of Congress sent a letter to President Obama stating pretty much the same as the Senate letter.

Thompson said in an interview, Since Congress won’t step up, the President should,” Thompson said. “Through executive action he can help keep guns from criminals, domestic abusers and the dangerously mentally ill.”.

Considering the President can do things to address gun violence and he hasn’t up to this point, it just lends credence to arguments that Democrats are playing politics with the issue to garner votes from the anti-gun crowd.

On the issue of gun violence, terrorism and watch lists, after militant racist whites shot five people at the Black Lives Matter protesting for the release of information related to the Minneapolis police killing of Jamar Clark, people are taking notice that the shooters are not charged under anti-terrorism laws possibly because they are white men. Not only are they not charged for committing an act of terrorism against peaceful demonstrators but not a single one has been charged with attempted murder.

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4 Replies to “BTR News – Gun Control: Democrats attempt to further erode due process rights”

  1. There are some dynamic black youth taking the lead in Minneapolis as the community fights back against the criminality of the police. While the encampment surrounding the 4th Precinct was broken up this morning at 4 am, the youth will not be deterred! They continue to demand that the video of the execution of Jamar be released and that the cops face a direct prosecution rather than a grand jury inquiry, that a safety plan be enacted to protect the community from police and white terrorists and that issues of racial inequities be addressed. They are in downtown streets again tonight! The old guard black leadership is in the process of being moved out the way!

      1. Just now, a police union fundraiser was shut down by the black community in concert and solidarity with anti-racist white workers. The police folks at the gala hunkered down in the restaurant and supposedly cancelled the remainder of their festivities!

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