BTR News – News Week In Review 12/11/2015

12-11-2015 5-21-14 PM

Tune in for news, information and social/political commentary.

Today we will review the week that was and discuss some of the top stories.

In the news….

Daniel Holtzclaw cried like a rape victim as he was convicted on various rape charges involving Black women in poor neighborhoods. Analyst say he chose his victims based on their social economic status and banked that no one would take their word over a cop.

As I stated yesterday, I have some thoughts on the SCOTUS Affirmative Action case where poor little rich white girl Abigail Fisher who is playing the race card in claiming she did not get in the University of Texas because some ignorant negro took her spot.

Via the Black Talk Radio Network user news submissions, several of the Waco bikers involved in an alleged shootout with each other were shot by the Waco police. This story has generated few headlines in general as it seems the media does not want to address white on white crime.

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5 Replies to “BTR News – News Week In Review 12/11/2015”

  1. A bit confuse. So, basically Ms. Fisher’s case is inadvertently proving white women are not a protected class?

      1. Thank you for answering my part of my question. However, I wasn’t clear. Her suit is based on her race and not her gender. By solely focusing on her race, could her case unintentionally imply white women should no longer receive the status of being a protected class? I’m not saying this is the case with this case but just viewing this issue from a different angle.

        1. it could, I guess set a precedent that ends affirmative action for white females which now that I think about it could be a win but I think they are talking about ending it entirely. mmmm…worth exploring the possible outcomes

          1. I understand. In fact, I surmised years ago about a possible strong modification or elimination of Affirmative Action (AA). Hopefully, the Supreme Court will maintain the status quo for now… because eliminating AA is just a stepping stone. However, wouldn’t corporations have a major conniption? AA could mean huge revenue losses for some small to mid-size businesses. And if AA is modified or eliminated, wouldn’t the Court’s decision put a good dent in the American economy? This is just something to ponder. Thank you for your reply. Peace.

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