Chief of Staff of Black Panther Party working on film to commemorate 50th Anniversary

By Scotty Reid – As Chief of Staff of the Black Panther Party and a founding member, Mr. David Hilliard was actively a part of the major decisions of the social-political organization. The Black Panther Party was in fact, a political organization with party rules and while political education was one of the many social programs it offered the communities in which they served, the organization offered food, security and health services to those communities.

As much as suspected white conservatives and their black proxies likes to talk about members of the black community lifting themselves out of poverty and self-improvement, the Black Panther Party were helping their clients toward that end. The Black Panther Party was helping the Black community to meet the social ills of their day without any help from the US government in terms of grant money. Because the Black Panther Party provided food to impoverished members of those communities, they are most known today for the free breakfast program for children, a model later adopted by the very US government that waged an illegally and covert program to destroy the party by framing or assassinating party leaders.

One wonders if the party had not been destroyed, would the Black community be dealing with the police violence issues it faces today all across the USA. Police violence is the central issue the party was founded upon by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale.

Mr. Hilliard is certainly a credible candidate to be involved in a biopic about the organization and that seems to be exactly what he is working on.

The Black Agenda, reports that Hilliard is teaming up with Emmy Award-winning director Dante James to produce a film on the iconic organization and they hope to have the project complete in time for the upcoming 50th anniversary of the founding of the Black Panther Party in November 1966 by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale in Oakland, California. The organization would grow to establish chapters all over the USA including chapters in Palestine which is currently under occupation.

Hilliard is quoted as stating, “For many, many years,” said James, “the corporate media has defined the Black Panther Party from the outside-in.” This time, the party will by defined, not by “fringe or part-time party members, but by people who were there from the very beginning, who knew and worked with Huey P. Newton.”

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One Reply to “Chief of Staff of Black Panther Party working on film to commemorate 50th Anniversary”

  1. Kadejah Kadejah

    Please do the original initiators justice….my father, along with Stokely and others have been looked over and bypassed by most. ..even the movie SELMA overlooked many key people who organized and were a vital part of the march …do right by them…one of the artifacts my father left me is the letter from Newton and Seale asking permission to use their symbol-t he black panther …DO THEM JUSTICE PLEASE!!!

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