Black Talk Radio News of the Day 12/18/2015

Black Talk Radio News

Today we are joined in dialogue by Dr. Terrance E. Dillard of to discuss Information Privacy & Security, Digital Countermeasure’s Crowdfunding Campaign to train 192 African American High School students in Computer Networking with the goal of getting black youth professionally certified to work in the field of Information Technology.

In the news….

We have an update on the lawsuit filed by Justin Renel Joseph against New York, NY and The public museum The Met. The lawsuit aims to force the parties to stop promoting racism/white supremacy through its display of historically incorrect artwork depicting the Biblical Jesus as a Aryan male. Mr. Joseph spoke to us about the lawsuit on 12/2/2015.

Suspected racist white parents in Virginia caused a school district to be shut down today after a high school geography assignment on world religions led to allegations of Islamic indoctrination and a slew of angry emails and phone calls. This is the first case of parents getting angry over school assignments concerning world religions. Some parents see it as the schools trying to proselytize into Islam. Of course, there will be no such complaints about school Christmas plays or lessons about the origins of Christianity from these parents and I am sure many agree with GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson who said a Muslim should not ever be president of the United States.

A listener of the program sent in some news to share concerning Colorado’s booming cannabis business that while legalizing the possession and sale of the plant, people are still serving time in Colorado jails and prisons on pot convictions.

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