2,000 white teens brawl at Kentucky mall, no arrests

by Scotty Reid – An estimated two thousand teens in the predominately white town of St. Matthews, Kentucky participated in a Saturday night brawl the day after Christmas but what stands out the most is that there was not a single arrest according to multiple media reports.

According to a Fox News report, dozens of police officers from four different police agencies responded to reports of numerous fights, harassment of customers and store employees and other problems.

There were reports of shots being fired, but police said that they could not confirm those reports.

While there was widespread crimes being committed according to a spokesman for suburban St. Matthews police, not a single arrest was made and no reason was given to why the police had such a light-handed response.

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3 Replies to “2,000 white teens brawl at Kentucky mall, no arrests”

  1. Everything about this is misleading. Dont you guys see that the play off you passions, fears, and struggles. Main stream media does it to. Took teens and turned it into white teens then show snips of chosen material. People that think for themselves can see it easy.

  2. True it may have been a white town. The news showed mostly black people though. That is why many blacks don`t like these sites because the reports are not true. From what I`ve seen it was mostly black kids . Why did you choose to report it falsely ?

    1. I saw mostly white kids..if it was mostly black kids the news would still be talking about it.

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