Political Prisoner Radio Weekly 12/27/2015

12-20-2015 6-00-49 PM

Tonight we will be highlighting two political prisoners.

During the first half-hour we will be speaking to Prisoner Radio’s Noelle Hanrahan to get an update on the case involving long held political prisoner and revolutionary Mumia Abu-Jamal. The courts are currently hearing the case of Abu-Jamal v. Kerestes. The case centers around the refusal of medical treatment to adequately treat the Hepatitis C virus that Mumia suffers from. The case has had some explosive revelations as of late and Noelle Hanrahan will share those with us tonight. This case could have wider implications concerning the human rights of prisoners to get access to the healthcare they need.

During the second half-hour we will be speaking with Josie Shapiro who is a political prisoner advocate for Eric G. King, a 28-year-old vegan anarchist who was arrested and charged with the attempted firebombing of a government official’s office in Kansas City, MO in September 2014. He is currently being held in facilities run by the private prison profiteer and human trafficking company, Corrections Corporation of America and reportedly is being targeted and abused by guards as he is held in solitary confinement.

Political Prisoner Birthdays

Casey Brezik

Wednesday, Dec 30, 2015

DescriptionCasey Brezik #1154765 Jefferson City Correctional Center 8200 No More Victims Road Jefferson City, Missouri 65101

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