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Let us take a look at the final count of those killed by police according to the database

Also, let us take a look at the final numbers of police who were killed in 2015 as many police propagandist have pushed the notion that is a war on cops.

Many Black people seem to be upset over the arrest of Bill Cosby on a sexual assault charge dating back to 2005. Do Black people have a blind spot when it comes to black people being accused of crimes due to racism/white supremacy?

During 2015, white supremacist symbols came under assault and recently city officials in New Orleans voted to remove monuments to racist white supremacist terrorist. Do you see any value in such activity?

These stories and possibly on Black Talk Radio News as we close the year and recognize our supporters and donors as we enter into year eight of Black Talk Radio Network as a platform for Black Talkers.

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2 Replies to “Black Talk Radio News 12/31/2015”

  1. Greetings Mr. Reid, I’d like to first say that Black Americans are not African. Second, the first slaves were white, and whites have been slaves longer than any other group. Alex Haley account of slavery is fiction, a total lie. We have to stop feeding white lies to our children. Get the facts.

    1. I do not know what you are referencing. obviously Blacks born in America are not African, a continental designation, but they are African descendant. This is not only going by the skin color eye test but by genetic testing. The so-called “first slaves” were Africans, Indigenous and Irish and not white because that classification had yet to be invented. See The Invention of the White Race.

      The fact is, just because someone is born here and African descendant, does not mean they are descendants of enslaved Africans. There were plenty of African settlers who had never been enslaved and almost have the American Revolutionary Army was made up of Free and Enslaved Africans.

      I don’t know what evidence you have to prove Haley’s Roots is not based in reality.

      Slavery became race-based and Black only when the the Irish and other non Anglo-Saxons became classified as white in name only so as to stop the unity between Black and non-Black enslaved persons.

      I have the facts but thank you for your opinion.

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