Sarah Palin puts cherry on top of Trump’s lynch mob political pie

Trump, Palin, August Byron Kreis III

By Scotty Reid – Donald Trump just picked up the equivalent of putting a cherry on top of the racist lynch mob he has been able to pick up all over the United States while campaigning for the GOP nomination.

After a Muslim woman in hijab from Charlotte, NC was silently standing among the mobs of Trump supporters in South Carolina came away lucky she wasn’t lynched on her way back home in the same state that produced the racist white terrorist Dylan Roof

After getting the endorsement of August Kreis III, a wannabe white supremacist who turned out to be a convicted white child rapist and remains an unindicted racist domestic terrorist…..

After one extreme after another including a comedic dose of proxy racism….

Here comes Sarah Palin giving her “official” endorsement of the whole flaming heap that makes up the bulk of Trump supporters. The GOP base is officially a steamy pile of shit with a cherry on top.

And if that ain’t bad enough, the Democratic establishment candidates including the chairman of the Black Political Caucus are endorsing grandmother of modern day mass incarceration, Hillary Clinton

Black voters surely find themselves mired knee deep in manure as they navigate the political cow pastures of 2016.

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