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Ta-Nehishi Coates shows very limited knowledge about Abraham Lincoln and slavery abolitionism in the USA. In a new attack piece on Bernie Sanders over his truthful answer about “nil” support for reparations in Congress and it being a “divisive” topic, Coates’s historical ignorance of Lincoln is disturbing whom he held up as an abolitionist martyr moved by moral convictions to take action on a divisive issue like slavery. Coates is either ignorant or engaging in intellectual dishonesty to support his argument against Sanders. It seems pretty suspect when a person who says they are against the “system of white supremacy” props up the very white supremacist who is responsible for the continuation of slavery to support his argument.

President Obama by way of an Executive Order is has banning the use of solitary confinement in federal prisons against juveniles and as a punishment for “low-level” infractions. While it is a welcome development, it falls way short of totally abolishing solitary confinement which he acknowledges has a harmful psychological impact on people. The timing, the last year of his 8 year term, is also suspect and it may be related to the fact that a United Nations fact-finding group is in the USA gathering evidence on the human rights abuses against African descendant people.

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