Militia spokesperson LaVoy Finicum killed in shootout with FBI in Oregon

1-27-2016 12-15-55 PM

By Scotty Reid – LaVoy Finicum, a spokesperson for the group that has been occupying a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon was killed in a shootout with law enforcement officers who were attempting to arrests some of the members.

Shortly before 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon, federal agents and the Oregon state police went to arrest Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy and several other occupiers while they were driving on Highway 395. While it is not clear who fired first, gunshots were exchanged between the group and law enforcement officials. Lavoy Finicum was killed in the exchange as confirmed by his daughter.

Bundy and his brother, Ryan, were among those taken into custody. One person was injured during the arrests and was treated at a local hospital before being released into the FBI’s custody; the Oregonian newspaper reported that Ryan Bundy was injured.

According to the Washington Post, five people were arrested connected to the shootout. There are still members of the group occupying the federal refuge although it is not clear who is leading them now that key figures have been arrested.

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