BTR News – Black Elite working to betray the political interest of the Black Working Class & Poor

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The Black elite are tipping their hand even more that most of them plan to endorse the international war criminal and mother of mass incarceration Hillary Clinton. Despite the harm that has been done to Black people in the USA, Haiti and Libya to name a few places, how can these people turn around and endorse a Clinton for President?

And since when did these Black elite start making reparations central to a presidential campaign? Did they do it when President Obama was running for President? No, they did not so why are they doing it now? Are Black voters in general that ignorant? We shall see very soon.

A political revolution within the Black community must happen and it most happen soon and I believe that revolution must start with the One Million Conscious Black Voters and Contributors movement.

In the news…

Apparently the Rockefeller Foundation owns the patent or trademark for the Zika Virus which is not a new disease but one cultivated from the blood of rhesus monkies found in Uganda in 1947.

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If you want truth and facts vs lies and fiction, support independent media.

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2 Replies to “BTR News – Black Elite working to betray the political interest of the Black Working Class & Poor”

  1. People need to quit acting like SHEEPLE and think abt policy and legislation like you said and stop acting monkey see monkey doo doo. Great message brother Scotty.

    1. We can not afford to be un-analytical in any choices we make let alone an area like politics.

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