Tanya Free & Friends Weekly 2/10/2016

Tanya Free
Join the Conversation! We will take a look The New Hampshire Primary winners , losers and the candidates that will be or should be calling it quits. Imagine being incarcerated for an extended period of time for a crime you never committed and later exonerated? Let’s talk about it! Post “ Super Bowl”, we get to talk “Super Man” Cam Newton! Lastly, there is an upcoming TV movie that has a White actor portraying Michael Jackson There’s a name for that, we’ll talk about these stories and more this Wednesday on the TanyaFree and Friends Show this Wednesday 2pm Eastern and 1pm Central.

Studio Lines will be open @ (804) 321 1010 in Central Virginia and TOLL FREE @ (844) 321-1010 coast to coast to share your comment or opinion!

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