BTR News – Black Political Super PAC Coons Out For Clinton

2-11-2016 10-57-49 AM

A Super PAC made up of elected Black Political Congressional members called “Congressional Black Caucus PAC” has unsurprisingly come out with an endorsement for Hillary Clinton just ahead of the South Carolina primaries which is a must-win state for Hillary Clinton.

The endorsement of Hillary Clinton by the CONGRESSIONAL BLACK CAUCUS POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE(CBC-PAC) highlights the political rift in the Black community pitting grassroots activists, university academics and college students vs the Black politicians part of the Washington, DC establishment.

In a pitiful display in a willingness to operate as a Clinton attack hound in the media and on the campaign trail, Representative John Lewis, a long=time Clinton ally, made the ridiculous and transparent statement that he did not see Bernie Sanders during the civil rights demonstrations that took part all over the nation involving perhaps over one million people.

Individuals connected to the Clintons are among the Super PACS donors over the years and some questionable contributions from some big corporations like Sprint which have been connected to the use of cheap prison labor and the parent company of FOX NEWS News Corp.

Also, did a Clinton operative break the law by offering Al Shaprton a bribe?

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