Parents and former Coach of Jackie Robinson West Little League Team file lawsuit

Former coach Darold Butler and other parents of the children who played little league baseball for Jackie Robinson West out of the Chicago area filed a lawsuit against ESPN, Little League officials, ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith, and others for allegedly profiting off the children and their story before and after they were deemed ineligible over known district violations.

The Bleacher Report,

“Little League was aware of the potential residency issues of the children of the JRW Parents, but chose to ignore and/or deliberately conceal these facts in order to garner higher ratings, publicity, and money for Defendant Little League,” the complaint stated.”

In other words, the little league officials knew of the residency issues but allowed the team to continue in little league play because of the international following they attracted thus profiting off their notoriety before stripping the children of their accomplishments on the baseball field.

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