Former singer turned preacher Denise Mathews reportedly found dead

By Scotty Reid – The former lead singer of the popular girl group Vanity 6 which enjoyed some success during the 80s and 90s is dead at the age of 57. Gaining worldwide notoriety as the lead of the popular girl group, the talented Denise Katrina Matthews (January 4, 1959 – February 15, 2016), was a Canadian-born singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, and model who left it all behind to answer a call to the Christian Ministry.

Mathews death seemed somewhat unexpected and a spokesperson for Washington Hospital Health Care System did not say when or how Mrs. Matthews.

However, the Hollywood reporter says it confirmed her death was associated with kidney failure. She had been in poor health in recent years and was having difficulty paying for medical costs.

“Matthews’ health woes took a turn for the worse late last year, however, and she set up a crowdfunding effort to pay for her medical treatment after being diagnosed with sclerosis encapsulating peritonitis, a severely painful kidney condition. She raised $6,599 of the $50,000 she had sought.”

Fans began saying goodbye to the one-time celebrity icon after hearing the news of her passing.

Rest In Peace.Your testimony has helped so many and your legacy will live on forever.We Love you but God loved you more.

Posted by Mona Monreaux on Monday, February 15, 2016

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