BTR News – BLM takes meeting with CEO Obama, Cruz continues to lie about Cuba

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President & CEO of USA INC, Barack Obama is reportedly to meet with a few representatives of the loose-knit grassroots organizations under the umbrella of Black Lives Matter and the Black establishment officials.

President Obama is also scheduled to fly to Cuba to meet with Cuban officials as the two countries continue the process of normalizing relations. Sen. Ted Cruz continues his pattern of lying in the campaign election and in demonizing the trip by President Obama, Cruz likes to tell a “personal” story of his father being tortured in Cuba but he fails to include important details.

Cruz lodged hypocritical complaints about human rights abuses allegedly occurring in Cuba. Mind you, Cuba is where the US held territory known as Guantanamo Bay is located and where known innocent men have been tortured for years and Cruz has been part of the GOP Majority that has for years blocked closure of the torture site.

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If you want truth and facts vs lies and fiction, support independent media.

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