BTR News – Inspired by Donald Trump, Ann Coulter calls for more violence

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As federal and state prosecutors twiddle their thumbs, Donald Trump continues to thumb his nose at the rule of law and he is only being enabled the sworn law enforcement officials failure to do their jobs.

Now, long time racist carnival barker, the right wing Ann Coulter is calling for more violence at Trump rallies.

Now Donald Trump is threatening violence at the GOP convention if he wins enough delegates and the party establishment attempts to deny him the nomination.

The GOP is acting like Donald Trump is an aberration on the right with the racist code whisperers coming out to condemn his rhetoric but isn’t this the same southern strategy the GOP and its operatives have employed for decades? Isn’t Donald Trump actually the natural progression of the GOP going back to the days when their representative openly opposed to Civil Rights legislation like Barry Goldwater who had a current candidate for President, Hillary Clinton, working to elect him president.

How can Clinton who ran her own southern strategy against President Obama the wrong person to make a credible argument against Trump?

The Hillary Clinton secret email server is getting deeper with each new revelation. Newly released emails show that she intentionally chose to use an unsecured mobile device to access her unsecured private home-brew email server.

This and possibly more today on BTR News!

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