BTR News – Obama & Clinton’s support for anti-boycotting laws have roots in racism and political white supremacy

3-28-2016 1-02-27 PMToday we will be taking a look at anti-BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) legislation that both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton support. Last year CEO Obama quietly signed legislation that had anti-BDS provisions and recently in a speech to AIPAC, Hillary Clinton expressed support for those who are trying to crush the anti-BDS movement as it relates to Israel’s government policies that are racist, religiously bigoted and anti-human rights.

In fact, this is not a new policy position of Hillary Clinton’s that has changed with the wind like some of her recent flip-flops. She is totally committed to protecting white supremacy policies of the Israeli government and has been so for quite awhile.

Senator Corey Booker who is angling to be Clinton’s VP is worried his proxy racism position of being for anti-BDS legislation will “rankle” some activist.

While researching for this topic, it was discovered that similar anti-boycotting laws were used against the civil rights activist of the 50s and 60s and Dr. Martin Luther King was arrested, jailed and fined for violating those laws as he and others worked to end segregation in Birmingham, Alabama.

The NCAA Basketball tournament is entering into the Final Four phase. An article was published that talks about the millions of dollars, perhaps a record, the Atlantic Coast Conference has earned this year. Of course the revenue will not be shared with those who made that possible, the players. However, I still resist labeling this as slavery because it is not, it is exploitation. However, colleges and universities are invested in modern day slavery. A petition is circulating that seeks to make The University of Houston divest itself of private prison stocks.

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