BTR News – Trump supports privatized prisons and criminalized cannabis

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BTR News – Donald Trump was in Wisconsin last night and he expressed his support for using private prisons and does not want to legalize cannabis showing that he has a lot in common with Hillary Clinton. That makes Bernie Sanders the only presidential candidate calling for private prisons to be abolished in the USA.  New Abolitionists and spoken word artist Max Parthas joins us to discuss Colorado and Trump’s policy positions on Private Prisons and continued Cannabis Criminalization.

In a related story, the person asking Trump loaded questions was the MSNBC hack Chris Mathews who is closely aligned with the Clintons, the Clinton Foundation and there are calls to suspend his cable program until his wife is done campaigning for Congress. Interestingly, she is getting a lot of help from Clinton donors. Again, this speaks to corrupt marriage between corporate media and politicians.

Yesterday I was banned from the website Daily Kos for publishing a fact based report in my dairy about recent revelations in Hillary Clinton’s self inflicted email scandal. I was told that I was banned because “trusted users” had flagged my post and I was told it consisted of “right wing” talking points. I published a video documenting it but pulled it back until I heard from a Daily Kos staff member as to why I was banned for a basic news report.

More and more news outlets are now publishing the latest in the FBI investigation of Clinton’s email arrangement called “extra-ordinary” by a federal judge. A Boston outlet says things don’t look good for the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as the FBI prepares to interview interrogate her over her private basement email server she used to do government business on.

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