SC Secessionist Party vows to raise Confederate Flag again at SC State House

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By Scotty Reid – A group calling itself a political party that sought recognition as such in South Carolina in 2015 is planning a rally to raise a Confederate Battle flag on state house grounds in July. The S.C. Secessionist Party posted details of the event on Facebook.

“On the anniversary of the lowering of the Confederate Flag, we will be raising it up again! The same flag, the same place, the same day. Fellow Southerners from across the Southern States will stand together in solidarity and defense of what we hold sacred. A live band, local organizations and a Confederate Soldier Honor Guard will make this an event to remember! Will you be there?”

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Last year, after North Carolinian Bree Newsome climbed the pole and removed the flag, the South Carolina legislator and Governor Nikki Haley passed legislation to remove the Confederate Battle Flag that was flying on State House grounds. The movement to remove the flag started after admitted racist Dylan Roof murdered nine Black people including South Carolina State Senator Clementa C. Pinckney, in the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina.

After the removal of the white supremacist symbol under which poor whites fought to keep Black people in slavery, members of the group said, “It got people’s dander up”.

26 year old Tyler Bessenger, a Charleston delegate and early organizer of the of the white power organization and a former Ron Paul supporter, last year told local media outlets that the S.C. Secessionist Party started as an idea he shared with some but didn’t pick up steam until after the state legislature voted to remove the white supremacist Confederate battle flag from Statehouse grounds last July.

Bessenger also revealed that they hope to start similar formations in other states where white supremacist wannabes want to succeed from the United States of America. The fact that these people are openly advocating for succession is like a throwback to dawn of the Civil War and thus far, the federal government has not responded to this movement nor publicly acknowledged its existence.

The battle flag-raising event planned for July invites white power groups to join them from all over the nation. Today almost 800 people on Facebook say they are going to the event. The event organizers seem to have acquired the necessary permits for their rally as they list live music and a number of guest speakers among the activities. However, whether they are permitted to raise the racist flag of secessionists up the flagpole it was removed from last year is not known at this time.


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