BTR News – Hillary Clinton wants to experiment with poor children and boarding schools

BeforeandAfterNot long ago Hillary Clinton gave a interview to Newsday editors on Long Island, NY on several topics but what was most interesting is her desire to create a boarding school system to send problem poor kids.

Bernie Sanders re-emphasized his push to have cannabis (pot) removed from the DEA schedule list of drugs showing how he contrasts with Clinton on the issue of federal cannabis prohibition.

Sanders urges removing pot from federal illegal drugs list

CEO Barack Obama reverses course of the DOJ and allows cops to keep robbing people through the controversial federal civil asset forfeiture program.

This news and possibly more today on BTR News.

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3 Replies to “BTR News – Hillary Clinton wants to experiment with poor children and boarding schools”

  1. This was very disturbing! It reminds of the movie Rabbit Proof Fence, which showed how the Australians tried to breed out the “undesirable” aboriginal traits. Yes it is to strip out a culture and superimpose another. It is also not about boarding schools. It is an old trick of retooling. She is going to use the prison industrial complex to convert from building prisons to building “dorms”. It is a way to make money by pandering to fear. The sick part of this is the kids would be in prison at an even earlier age!!!

    1. This is a disturbing and horrible idea, but it isn’t at all related to anything that Hillary Clinton says. In the video transcript, Clinton responds directly to a question about making education more effective for poor children. She makes an unenthusiastic mention of boarding schools as one possible “experimental” approach that could be considered “if we could do it right”. On the basis of this single sentence, the author has written an entire article fleshing out “Clinton’s “boarding school” socialization and structure” that includes the housing and maintenance costs if every single low income child were sent to a segregated boarding school. According to the author, this is “Shocking and scarily reminiscent of other U.S. ventures in segregating classes”. There is nothing in the transcript to suggest any of this. It is completely fabricated by the author.

      1. Clinton “And so let’s get our heads straight about how we support the most challenged classrooms to do better. I started a school when I was Senator, I worked with 100 Black Men, we started something called The Eagle Academy. Because there is some evidence that same sex schools and high school for poor kids, is a good choice that should be available to them. I had to fight to get the Department of Education to let us go forward with that, to support charter schools that were public charter schools but wanted to try this. So I’m really evidence-based. I think there are some, we need to EXPERIMENT even with, if we can do it right, with Boarding Schools for Poor Kids. There’s just a lot I’m excited about, if we actually get back to looking at what works.”

        The writer did not lie and I hardly think someone lying would link to the original source which is here.

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