BTR News – Respectability politics and “counter-racism” that reinforces white supremacy

4-19-2016 12-51-37 PMToday I would like to focus on what is called “respectability politics” and what I am calling “respectability counter-racism” that teaches non-white people, primarily Black people, that it is the way the look, speak and act that causes them to become victims of racism. There is nothing of course to support this opinion when we see people from all walks of life, in various social/economic conditions and various levels of education still suffering from the racist speech, thoughts and actions of white supremacists and racists alike. In fact, Veronica Y. Womack, a Black woman who is a social psychologist and research associate at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine recently penned an article stating that .”Respectability politics are making black Americans sick“.

4-19-2016 3-07-09 PM

Speaking of the “respectability” ideology, North Carolina minister and leader of the state NAACP who also has been leading Moral Mondays in opposition to the Republican controlled political system, is one of the most respectable Black men in North Carolina.  For all his respectability and codification in his speech and actions towards a racist passenger on an airline flight, he still got kicked off his flight.

Like Arizona, New York is experiencing a lot of voter disenfranchisement with tens of thousands being purged from the voter roles in Brooklyn and other places in the state. While a lot of Democrats like to point out how voters are being disenfranchised in southern states, one of them being North Carolina, New York is said to have worse laws in terms of voting and voter disenfranchisement. I know a lot of people don’t think voting matters but there certainly a whole lot of money being spent and laws prohibiting voting for something that is worthless.

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