Bill Clinton: Need some chicken with that hot sauce?

5-4-2016 4-15-45 PM
President Bill Clinton plays saxophone in a pair of Ray Ban sun glasses on the only late night “black entertainment” program on network television in 1992 when he appeared on the Arsenio Hall show.

By Scotty Reid – Former President Bill Clinton in a matter of weeks went from yelling insults at Black Lives Matter social/political activists at a rally for his wife Hillary Clinton to serving Black people chicken in Kentucky. During a visit to Louisville, Kentucky yesterday, Bill Clinton all of a sudden thought he would make an unannounced stop at a local restaurant apparently on the Black side of town and serve fried chicken to the customers of Franco’s Home Cooking.

I think in terms of pandering to black folks with symbolism instead of substance, Bill Clinton’s imitation of Col. Sanders serving black people friend chicken tops Hillary Clinton going on a NYC hip hop radio show proclaiming she carries hot sauce around in her purse.

Also during her visit to New York Mrs. Clinton was seen “throwing dem bones” with some “people of color” and participated in a “comedy” skit with the Mayor of New York in which a reference was made to “Colored People’s Time”.

Black people should relish in the limelight of this attention the Clintons are showering upon them as she struggles to put away Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Once pivoting to the general election, Hillary Clinton and Slick Willy will be out to out trump Donald Trump in competing for the white vote and Independents just like she did against then Senator Barack Obama.

In the meantime, enjoy the chicken and hot sauce offer while it lasts.

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