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Panthers defensive end Charles Johnson and his foundation announced the grand opening of the Village at River’s Edge affordable housing development in Columbia, S.C. “Having grown up in a single-parent household, this project is important to me because it is creating great homes at an affordable price,” Johnson said in a release. “I understand this type of housing isn’t always easy to come by, so I’m proud this project is ready to have its first residents move in. It’s a huge step.”

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Impoverished people in Columbia, SC will now have an opportunity for affordable housing thanks to Charles Johnson, a professional football player for the Carolina Panthers.

Speaking of the Carolinas, NBA Hall of Famer and Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan, who have been a political atheist all his profession career citing that he was more interested in capitalism than social political issues, has threatened to move the NBA franchise from Charlotte if North Carolina does not repeal HB2, the bill that among other issues, criminalizes transgender bathroom use.

Rewind: Seems I’m not the only person who contemplates whether a Clinton Presidency would be more dangerous to the planet than a Trump Presidency. Rania Khalek in April wrote “Is Hillary Clinton more dangerous than Donald Trump?“.

A New York man in describing how Hillary Clinton and corporate software vendors flipped votes for Hillary Clinton in the New York primary, points out a long known problem with black box electronic voting.

Black Mexicans threaten violence if necessary to be recognized as a separate and distinct group by the Mexican government.with a unique history linked to the African slave trade in South America.

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