BTR News – Investigation Into Police Execution of Jeremy McDole Concludes

5-10-2016 1-34-03 PM

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The top story today is the police execution of wheelchair bound Jeremy McDole who was gunned down on the street like a rabid dog in Wilmington, Delaware on September 23, 2015. The execution was captured on cell phone video and while it is arguable that Mr. McDole reached towards his waistband, it is also arguable that he was checking his wounds after being shot by the first officer on the scene.5-10-2016 2-09-57 PM

In North Carolina news, The leader of the state NAACP held a press conference yesterday with members of the family of victims of police violence and corruption. The press conference which lasted over 30 minutes was interesting as Rev. William Barber described a culture of corruption in Harnett County, NC where racism and classism exist. The NAACP and the families are calling for a Ferguson-like investigation and filed a formal complaint with the US Department of Justice.

Update: Michael Jordan and HB2.

This news and possibly more today on Black Talk Radio News.

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