Presidential Matchup Swing State Poll Does Not Favor Hilary Clinton

5-11-2016 1-51-18 PM

A Quinnipiac Swing State Poll came out yesterday showing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in a virtual tie in 3 crucial swing states. The Quinnipiac Swing State Poll says it “focuses on Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania because since 1960 no candidate has ever won the presidential race without taking at least two of these three states.”

In its latest poll involving Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton, Trump and Clinton are virtually tied. While Hillary Clinton has a double digit lead among women voters, Trump trounces her among men and Independent voters.

News continues to be generated by the FBI criminal probe into Clinton’s email practices.

New news surfaced yesterday that Clinton’s long time aide Cheryl Mills who served as her chief of staff while Clinton was secretary of state, stormed out of an FBI Interview when questioned about Clinton’s email practices at the State department. Mills and her attorneys claimed the FBI agreed not to ask questions about Clinton’s handling of government email even though that would be very odd considering the investigation is about the emails. Mills who is also an attorney claimed she could not answer the FBI questions because of attorney/client confidentiality as if she counseled Clinton about the private email setup as an attorney.

Expect Trump to continue to hammer Clinton on this issue as it speaks to the voters who in exit polls are very angry about how the federal government is functioning.

In the match-up between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump in the three crucial swing states, Sanders who does not carry the political baggage of the Clintons and isn’t under an FBI criminal probe into how he handled email as a US Senator, has narrow leads over Trump in all three pivotal states.

It should not be surprising to anyone that swing state polls are showing Clinton unable to perform well against Trump in a general election match-up that has brought millions of anti-establishment voters into the process.

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