BTR News – Confronting The Murder Music Programming On The Commercial Airwaves

5-12-2016 9-26-52 AM
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Today we are joined by Mr. Kwabena Sakidi Jijaga Rasuli of Clear The Airwaves Project which seeks to remove music that inspires crime from the commercial airwaves. The group will hold a demonstration this weekend outside of a McDonalds franchise in Gary, Indiana in efforts to convince local businesses to stop sponsoring the radio stations that are contributing to the negative thoughts, speech and actions of people in the communities affected by such programming.

The group event page says,

Well over 1000 people Shot in Chicago so far this year!! The Overwhelming majority Afrikan! Why in the Hell are wgci & pwr 92.3 still playing vile, vulgar and violent musick’! Clear The Airwaves Project is dedicated to making sure this despicable content is off commercial radio before the end of 2016 – and that’s too damn long. These stations are Targeting our Children! They need our protection! They cannot fend for themselves. Please People overstand that we have the Power to put an end to this audio rape of the minds of our Youth.

17 year-old Kyle Bent attempts to do something many kids his age wouldn’t dare — alter the way people view religion, government, and humanity. Brace yourself as the young artist attempts to tackle a multitude of social conflicts and controversies and free you of “Mind Control”.

5-12-2016 11-41-57 AM

Demonstrators in the Poor People’s March at Lafayette Park and Connecticut Avenue in Washington, D.C. in June 1968.

Today is the 48th Anniversary of the Poor People’s March which was part of Dr. King’s campaign to address poverty in America and to demand reparations for Black people. Dr. King was assassinated on April 4, 1968, prior to the march and demonstrations that took place from May 12 – June 24 in Washington, DC.

Today poverty is still a major issue in this country that cripples the dreams of men, women and children putting a lot of them at a major disadvantage in a society that practices inequality as a matter of public policy.

In Washington, DC today, it is reported that there are more homeless families than there are homeless single adults. Victims of no doubt of the Wall Street Bankers who created a massive housing bubble that burst and nearly brought down the global economy.

Yesterday NPR did a segment highlighting modern slavery in the form of jailing the poor. Listen to the podcast below.

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