The Lotus Place – When Affluent Men Are Allowed to Rape & What’s On Your Mind

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College rapes & the cover ups.

From Baylor University in TX to Stanford in CA, & Columbia in NY…women are raped as the university dismisses the claims and cover up the crimes

Judge reduces sentence for Stanford student rapist, Brock Allen citing that a harsh sentence would be detrimental to the rapist

Baylor University has been found guilty of retaliating against victims who file rape and sexual assault reports.


Does the system protect affluent white men?

How do we shine light on sentencing disparities?

More on Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Happy Born Day to Prince

Cougar responds to your letters about money, relationships, dating, career questions, love, sex, etc. in the Ask Delta segment

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Mind, Body, & Spirit w/ Mother Zola Segment… Melanin & more

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