Dark Matter Radio – Knowing who you are, defining the name African-American

Dark Matters RadioDark matter radio with your host Ronnie McLean is about the exploration of the origins of the Aboriginal people of the Americas and where they are today. What civilization was here before Columbus, what type of religion did they believe in, what type of people did the Europeans come in contact with when their ships landed in the Americas.

These so called African American, Black people, Negro, did they come from Africa or where they already hear and what does African American mean anyway and how does all of this tie in and effect the people of this land today.

Come, sit down, have a cup of tea, and let us explore these question and more. I promise you no matter where you are from or what race, religion, gay, straight or whatever, you will see and look at yourself in a much different way when it’s all said and done, you may even call stop calling yourself Africans American and start call yourself: Hopi, Anasazi, or Amerindians. So Come and gather up very close to the fire and let start the exploration with Dark Matter radio, with your host Ronnie McLean on Black Talk radio. All I want is the truth and ill follow it wear ever it may take me.


Where do you come from?

What is the true meaning of African American and how did a race of human end up with that name?

We will talk about The Atlantic Slave Trade and the truth about slavery.

But before we get into all of that we need to do some housekeeping first. We must first define the meanings that surround all of the concepts.

And this is what this Dark matter is really about getting in to the subject matter that affects us the most get us as a people dialed back into who and what we are.

Question do you read your bible? Are you well studied? I’ll take it that most of you will say yes so as we begin the re-claiming of our race of us as a people, I want you to consider this. Matthew 7.21-23 where he said I never knew you get away from me and at the end of this he calls them evildoers! And I have to tell you some of those people are on our part of the earth right now.

Let’s us start with the definition of American and get into Indian, African, and so on.

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