Thando Radio Show – Topic: Wise Thursday With Bro & Sista Davis

Thando Radio 300X300Live Show Today June 16, 2016 Topic: Wise Thursday With Bro & Sista Davis… Bro Davis will be targeting “Fear” and how not to allow it’s influence to deceive you. This will be a great show, don’t miss it and have your questions ready…. Talk soon!!

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2 Replies to “Thando Radio Show – Topic: Wise Thursday With Bro & Sista Davis”

  1. The burglaries started in Jan 2015. Almost lost home trying to move items to storage. Had to bring them home and they were stolen.

    I am invisible. No one cares that I lost 47 years of my life. Need help to stop this nightmare.

  2. I have lost over a million dollars my cost through burglaries. Not compensated because sheriff could not determine point of entry. Live in constant fear. Senior citizen almost 70 years old. Burglars discredited me in eyesof law enforcement and robbed me blind.

    Please help me. Burglars live in neighborhood.

    Law enforcement did not believe me because I am black and was a hoarder. Had receipts for over 800000 dollars.

    Thefts continue. Someone in and out home constantly. No security if someone is in home. Fear is present all the time.

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