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BTR News – Supreme Court Ruling Reveals Why US Is #1 in Prison Slavery

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Did the Supreme Court just increase the hand of every slave catcher across the land with a 5-3 legal decision that evidence “illegally” obtained while profiling people can be used in court against them. It seems that way to according to social media headlines but let us take a close look and attempt to untangle the web of legal jargon.

Independent Black media producer Yvette Carnell and the publisher of Breaking Brown seemed disturbed that Lebron James was trending on social media and not the recent SCOTUS decision concerning cops.

While she did not single out any group of group of people, let us take a look at what type of news websites Black social media tends to follow and the overall demographics of what is termed in the industry as “black media”.

According to a 2015 Pew Research study, the top “black news” websites were as follows.

“Thirteen garnered 1 million or more monthly unique visitors in January 2015, according to data provided by the analytics firm comScore, four of which are outlets dedicated to news: The Root, NewsOne, The Grio and Huffington Post Black Voices.”

Only one of the top four of the “black news outlets” carried a story on the SCOTUS decision on its front page and the one, had a blurb about it appearing about a quarter of the page down.

Now getting back to the type of stories promoted to black people online and contributing to Lebron James trending on social media, an article published on ESPN seems to suggest that Black men in the NBA don’t like Steph Curry because he is light skinned which is an entirely baseless claim and seems like an attack on all black men by a proxy of white sports media.

This news and possibly more today on BTR News w/ Scotty Reid.

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