BTR News – The Truth About American Independence

7-4-2016 3-12-24 PM
Tune in for an hour of news and commentary.

In the news…

Hillary Clinton finally interrogated by the FBI in the ongoing criminal investigation concerning her conduct as Secretary of State.

Optics be damned, President Obama reportedly will start campaigning for the first presidential nominee of any party to be under a criminal investigation ahead of the DNC convention this month.

Yesterday there were reports of arrests after demonstrators shut down streets in Tel Aviv. As I have stated, despite some Black counter-racist’s assumptions, Jew is not a racial designation and to believe so is to spread confusion about racism.

Today is the Fourth of July and instead of just citing Fredrick Douglass’s famous speech, “What to the Slave is 4th of July?“.

Lets also examine the real history behind the American Revolution and why everyone who benefits from American Independence owes a thank you to the Black Colonists, slaves and soldiers.

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