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BTR News – Obama tight lipped on Hillary’s non-indictment for serious crimes

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President Obama has been vouching for Hillary Clinton as the most “qualified” to be the next CEO of USA INC but when asked about her recklessness in handling top secret intelligence, crickets.

In related news, a majority of Americans who participated in a poll believe that Hillary Clinton should have been indicted instead of being given a pass by the DOJ and FBI.

Instead of blaming Black people for how they speak out about matters of racism and injustice, retired police major Neil Franklin of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition said recent casualties should be a wake up call to change the way communities are policed. Franklin said, “The state of police-community relations in America is in shambles, and that in itself is devastating to those of us who love this profession, who joined the ranks of law enforcement to serve and protect our communities.”

Political Prisoner Russell Maroon Shoaltz has settled his lawsuit against the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections to demand an end to his torture through decades long solitary confinement.

This news and possibly more…

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