BTR News – Western governments sow seeds of terrorism creating blow back on citizens

7-15-2016 12-02-07 PMTune in for an hour or more of news and commentary.

In the news…

The National Convention of the Oppressed kicked off this week in Cleveland.

When it comes to systemic racism “we ask too much of the police” – Clinton

Obama has failed victims of racism and police brutality

Rudy Giuliani’s law firm paid big money to lobby for major prison corporation

Activist Erica Garner Says She Was “Railroaded” By ABC News

Why deliberately targeting of civilians is wrong!

80 or more people have been killed and many more injured after a man allegedly rammed a truck into a crowd of people gathered for a national holiday in Nice, France and then starting shooting at civilians. However, very few want to discuss France’s and other NATO countries arming of so-called Islamic rebels to overthrow the secular government of Syria which has created blow back and choas. France also participated in backing so-called Islamic rebels in Libya to topple its secular government because Libya was leading efforts to establish a United African Currency backed by gold which would bring many former African French colonies off the French Franc.

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