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BTR News – “Black Radio” Needs To Wake Up w/ Paul Porter of Industry Ears & Rap Rehab

black radio stations matter
Tune in for an hour or more of news and commentary.

Today we will be speaking to Black Radio veteran and founder of Industry Ears and Rap Rehab Mr. Paul Porter. We will be addressing the role Black radio plays in promoting senseless violence and other ills in the community and the lack of will of people in “Black Radio” to address their promotion of negativity through music while pretending like they are part of the “black on black crime” solution.

Mr. Porter pointed out the hypocrisy in this matter in an article titled How Black Radio Hurts Black Culture that mentioned the nationally syndicated Mr. Rickey Smiley.

7-18-2016 1-53-15 PMInstead of engaging in dialogue with Mr. Porter, Mr. Smiley cursed him, call him a fool and then blocked him on Twitter.

We will also go over some news after our interview including the message left by Gavin Long, the alleged shooter in the Baton Rouge killing of slave catchers.

President Obama in the wake of this shooting said again that “we” are nation of “law and order”, a society built on the rule of law and that “violence” is never justified.

However, it seems to me that the man heading the administration that just let Hillary Clinton get away with violated laws and has participated in the destruction of at least two countries is not being honest or is being very hypocritical as well as those who seek to condemn any of these veterans who picked up arms against those they saw as an enemies of freedom and justice for all.

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