BTR News – David Clarke of Wisconsin must be stopped now!

7-19-2016 3-22-22 PM
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The so-called Sheriff of Wisconsin known as David Clarke must be stopped as he declares war on children and college students who are participating in political demonstrations to highlight the need for major changes to the way communities are policed.

Despite zero evidence that 2 of the last 3 US veterans to target and kill cops, David Clarke has used his access to corporate media platforms such as CNN, FOX and more recently one of the Washington DC’s major publications named “The Hill” which published an open call to violence against the Black Lives Matter Movement by Clarke.

This isn’t the first time Clarke has issued threats against American citizens for engaging the political process in ways set forth by the US Constitution and State Constitutions. SPLC has listed Clarke in the past in its Hate Watch section for comments about BLM<

Ordinary citizens are being arrested for threatening cops or calling for violence against cops on social media. In some cases, public officials have been fired for threatening protesters.

The DOJ of Justice and the Wisconsin Attorney General have been derelict in their duties to uphold the law and apply it equally to everyone. As Black Lives Matter organizers meet as they have been for over a year with national, local and federal officials to address civilian and law enforcement concerns, so-called Sheriff David Clarke of Wisconsin threats and other inflammatory comments are putting protesters and police lives at extra-ordinary risk.

When there is a lack of accountability concerning public officials, societies began to break down as citizens loose respect for the system in place that has for centuries practicing institutional racism.

In the news,

The Hacker Guccifer 2.0 has leaked more documents proving collusion between the DNC, the Clinton Campaign and members of the press to run a rigged nomination process that ensured Hillary Clinton would be the parties nominee. According to a lawsuit filed by some of Sander’s donors, rigging the nomination process is a violation of the DNC’s own rules and that the DNC is responsible for reimbursing those who contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to Senator Sander’s campaign.

This and more news possibly on BTR News.

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