BTR News – The North Carolina state government has to go now! #NCHB2

7-22-2016 2-51-26 PMThe NBA has pulled the NBA All-Star game from Charlotte over NC – HB2. Revenue losses estimated upwards of 100 Million dollars to the local economy. While I don’t support the punishment of Charlotte specifically, I support the right of a business to boycott a state or nation that does not practice justice and practices racism and discrimination of any kind.

The corporate media has done a disservice to the public discussion by framing the bill as an exclusively LGBT issue when the fact is the bill allows for employment discrimination based on race, sex, age, gender, skin color and religion. It also removes power from local governments to pass ordinances and their own laws like raising the minimum wage.

One of the sponsors of the bill was forced to admit in committee and on the house floor that certain provisions were designed to allow for discrimination based on skin color.

I also blame the ACLU of North Carolina specifically and their national organization for framing the public discourse only around the bathroom portion of the bill.

I will be providing relevant information on air today on BTR News to back up everything I have stated here.

This is a lesson on how white supremacists use media to confuse victims of white supremacy. Masterful attempt at rebuilding the white supremacist rule in the State that historically has had the most dues paying card carrying members of the KKK.

NC Constitution.

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