BTR News – MSM goes full Operation Mockingbird Mode concerning Trump’s ISIS comments

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There is so much to information and news to share we just can not get to them all during a broadcast but today the program will carry over from yesterday’s program concerning federal Cannabis prohibition and comments Donald Trump made calling CEO Obama the founder of ISIS and former Sec of USA INC Hillary Clinton their MVP.

Regardless of a mountain of evidence, while we were on air yesterday, the Obama administration’s DEA ruled that cannabis has no medical value whatsoever and is as dangerous of heroin, LSD and crack cocaine.

Trump is walking back those comments but I am not walking back mine as I shared the related information contained in the official US documents secured by FOIA requests and leaks by Wikileaks.

Why is this story important?

Because it is a case study on how USA INC and its military and intelligence agencies have long used corporate media to control the minds of the masses and feed them disinformation all the day long with most not realizing or even caring that their trusted media sources are to be anything but trusted to be truthful in their “reporting”..

Today’s show notes.

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