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A Milwaukee police officer reportedly shot and killed a young black man he was chasing although the reason for stopping the vehicle in which the young man was traveling is unclear. It is being alleged that the young man pointed a gun at the cop chasing him at least that is what is reported but no word yet on if video footage is available.

After the killing of Sylville K. Smith, 23, violent eruptions ensued as a response. Milwaukee is home to proxy racist number one Sheriff David Clarke who over the last few months has appeared on CNN and FOX to call on Americans to attack and kill people associated with Black Lives Matter. He also penned an op-ed piece calling for violence that published in the Washington, DC paper The Hill.

Another story came out about the Red Cross being unable to account for a half billion dollars in donations for the Haiti earthquake relief fund to build homes. Where are the rest of the homes besides the six they reportedly built and where did the money go? Wasn’t Hillary and Bill Clinton overseeing the relief efforts that have yet to manifest after all this time and money donated?

This news and possibly more today on BTR News.

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